Day S-4

Welcome to day “S-4” meaning the 4th day of my COVID-19 symptoms update. A quick recap for those that have not gotten the full story, but 4 days ago I came down with COVID-19 symptoms (shortness of breath, fatigue, and a sight dry cough) and on day S-3 (Yesterday) I got tested. They said it would take 2-7 days to get my results, and until then I’m just assuming I have it.

So as for today, the best way to describe how I feel is that it’s kind of like I’m way up in the mountains climbing in some pretty thin air. I can’t speak more than a couple sentences in a row without having to pause for a big breath, and going up the stairs means I usually get to the top and have to breath in a couple times before moving on. I’m also pretty tired, and if I have been moving around a while my head gets pretty foggy. But as for any “flu” like symptoms, I don’t think I really have anything like that. I don’t feel like I’m sick.

It’s been getting a little bit worse every day as well as far as the breathing, and if yesterday felt like I was climbing a mountain at 14,000ft, today feels like 15,000. Thankfully the “death zone” where climbers need oxygen before they die is around 26,000. So 11k to go I guess.

Kelly has been taking me on some walks as well since it’s been recommended to me that I try to get as much “exercise” as possible as that will help with the lungs and also help to lessen the chance that I develop any blood clots. Yesterday we were able to go maybe 500m before I had to turn back, and today it was only around 150m. But I’ll keep at it.

I think from a mental standpoint the hardest thing for me right now is the idea of if my test comes back negative. Running on the assumption that I have COVID-19 this really doesn’t seem all the scary. I check just about every low-risk box there is so chances are I emerge just fine. But if that’s not what this is, that begs the question of why can’t I breath anymore? I’m also quite bummed out that I can’t train anymore. I had just hit a new personal high for my CTL (A proxy measurement for fitness that runners/cyclists/triathletes use) maybe 5 days before I came down with symptoms. Now I get to watch all the fitness fade away as I go on my short little walks. That really bums me out.

The other thing that sucks, is that if Kelly does get it from me, she could expect her symptoms (if she experiences any) to develop right around her birthday. Happy Birthday honey!

So, that’s the update today. Maybe I write some more later on if I’m feeling up to it.

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