June 10th 2020 – Afternoon Update

I’m on day 5 of the onset of my symptoms, and despite last night’s excitement I feel better today than I did yesterday. When I woke up and got out of bed I didn’t have to catch my breath at all, vs. yesterday which took quite a bit of effort. Then as the morning progressed, I found that I was starting to need more deep breaths to have a conversation or walk up a flight of stairs, though Kelly and I went on a walk where I was breathing ALMOST normally.

The thing I also noticed last night as I was going to bed was that a lot of the shortness of breath I feel in the top part of my chest, and while I was meditating and breathing deeply into my lungs, I found that there was no pressure or feelings of restriction down there. So I have started to try and breath deeper today and that seems to be working pretty good.

Mentally, a lot of the fear from last night is behind me it seems. At least I hope it is and I didn’t just bury those feelings. It’s good to know that I have a gameplan for a number of scenarios, and taking the thinking out of the equation for me is very nice.

Overall today is off to a really good start. My biggest concern is to try to keep my eating in check. I’m not burning 4-5k Calories a day anymore, so I try to only eat say 1 portion of our lasagna for lunch instead of all of it, but I still don’t want to starve myself as my body is trying to heal. Still, very grateful this is the day’s big problem.

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