June 11th 2020 – Morning/Noon Update

Last night I was just really really tired so I didn’t add anything. I laid on the couch from about 6 until 10 except for the times that Kelly took me out for a couple walks. I was mostly able to breath but I was so very very tired. I feel asleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Oh, I’ll also mention that last night was the first time I ever took an inhaler. Doctor prescribed me some Albuterol which should help with the breathing, and while I didn’t notice any effect (including the tremors some people get) it was nice knowing that I had something that could help out. That could account for me being able to breath better last night during the walks but it’s hard to tell.

This morning though I woke up around 4am, went to the bathroom, and was thinking to myself how I felt pretty good. But then as soon as I got back in bed, I started having issues breathing again. It wasn’t anything too bad, but my breathing was labored enough to keep me from being able to fall asleep until around 4:30. I considered using the inhaler but I wasn’t sure how that would affect my sleep and since it takes 30min to work anyways I guess it wasn’t necessary. Just some breathing exercises and I was able to get it.

Then once I woke up for the day, I was able to breath pretty good but I had absolutely zero energy. So of course the answer to that is always going to be coffee! I gotta say that caffeine is a pretty effective drug for me as I battle this and it targets the fatigue just like coffee does any other day when you’re not sick.

Around 10am breathing became slightly labored again and I took my inhaler. It’s kind of frustrating how I have not yet been able to establish any trends but I’m not exactly being the best experimental scientist throwing in a couple different variables into the mix all at once.

Mentally I’d have to say that my brain is a bit foggy and I’m not exactly the most fully with it today. I’ve made a couple silly mistakes at work already that I normally wouldn’t make. Thankfully I’m not doing anything critical and thus have shifted to doing some less important paperwork type stuff. Hopefully that lifts soon though because I’m not a big fan of not having my full mental faculties.

One thought on “June 11th 2020 – Morning/Noon Update

  1. Hey Tater,

    Just wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you and Kelly. Erik Wood pointed me to your blog just this morning and I read through it all…I am worried about you and wish you guys weren’t suffering. I know you’re a strong pair and I believe you will make it through to the other side of this in good shape. Please keep writing if you can and thank you for sharing your experience, so we can go with you. I shared your blog with the OX Alumni website also. You guys are not alone. Keep the faith.

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