June 12th 2020 – So I guess I’m in the ER now.

I decided to go to urgent care. Kelly drove me in, I put on my mask, and well after my check in I got really short of breath and so dizzy I had to sit down. That prompted a wheelchair and instead of going left to urgent care I went right to the ER.

The doctor I have is great (fellow triathlete) and is going to run a number of tests to look at possible blood clots, collapsed lung, and some other things. But the good news is that my lungs actually sound clean and I guess the inhaler I got is kind of useless.

I also got another COVID test. The nurse came in and she told me that it was going to be very uncomfortable. I told her that I had already gotten one and how it wasn’t all that bad. I then described how I got a q-tip pushed maybe an inch into my nose.

She laughed.

It wasn’t a mean laugh but more of an “Oh Honey” kind of laugh as she pulled what looked to be an engine dip stick with a cotton tip out of a package. HOLY FUCK!!!!! My previous test might as well have been a nose massage topped off with a lavender scented candle. And still, there is a high false-negative rate with the roto-rooter version too.

My bloodwork came back with an elevated “D-diner?” Which can either indiciate COVID or blood clots. Since blood clots would be much less than ideal, that means more tests. Yay!

I’ll try to keep editing this thread as I learn stuff.

UPDATE: I’ve been discharged from the ER. Long story short, they can’t rule COVID out but I also don’t show some of the telltale signs from the CT of my lungs. If it’s not COVID (which the new test should be another 5 days) then they think the culprit might be my heart and want me to get an echo. I’ve never wanted to have a positive COVID test results so bad. But for this weekend they think I’m safe. All my vitals are great. I’m just supposed to take it easy.

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