June 13th 2020 – Waiting

Yesterday was a pretty chaotic day with lots of new information and feeling to try and process for both me and Kelly. Overall I guess where I’m sitting right now is trying not to get too worked up over what could be happening to me before I get my 2nd COVID test. I could spend all weekend worrying that I have something seriously wrong with my heart, or I could take the Occam’s razor approach and realize that there’s a pretty high chance all this can be explained by the virus vs. a strange health condition that presents very similar to COVID that also happened to show symptoms exactly 8 days after going down to the 38th and Chicago memorial which just so happens to fall right in the incubation period of COVID. So that’s where I am mentally.

Physically not much has really changed. I think yesterday might have been a bit better than average if you discount the time I was wearing a mask in the ER which did exacerbate my breathing issues. Today though seems to be back to the same old, but hard to tell just from a couple hours.

This is going to be the weekend of waiting, so hopefully I can keep my mental game on point and not stress myself out too much.

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