June 15 2020 – Feeling Better

So far I’m feeling quite a bit better. Saturday I could sense towards the end of the day that things were starting to get a bit better as far as the fatigue and my breathing. Then yesterday I was able to do my usual walk and then a little extra. I had more steps too (4,500) than since when I first came down with my symptoms.

Today I actually feel quite a bit better and had around 3,500 steps by lunch after a couple walks with Kelly that were both longer than my usual one. I also noticed that going down the stairs at one point I bounded down them like I normally do, though I did have to catch my breath at the bottom.

So I’m hoping that I’ve turned the corner and just have to be patient and slowly ramp up my activity level.

I’m still going to go and get my echo on Wednesday to be sure there isn’t anything odd happening, but the fact that I’m getting better seems to indicate there was some kind of bug that was causing my symptoms and not something more systematic.

Today, I am in a good mood and optimistic. I even put my bike back on the trainer in hopes of doing an easy 5min ride, but Kelly said no for now and I’ll yield to her judgement. I’m still ramping up my activity so I think it’s wise not to go too hard too fast.

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