June 16th 2020 – On the Mend?

So yesterday was the best day I’ve had (6,300 steps!) and today was even better. As I’m writing I have 6,800 and Kelly is planning on taking me out for at least one more walk, though I have almost zero energy for it, it’s good to keep pushing a little bit here and there.

I also need to make a confession: I did something that has been almost universally panned today as being “stupid.” See I was taking Cozzy out for a walk this morning before I logged in for work and as we were coming back to our place, I decided to go for a short “run.” Now, I’m talking about a 100ft run, MAYBE. I just wanted to see what it would feel like, and I didn’t even run all that fast. In fact, it was probably the slowest I’ve run all year.

Anyways I got home and didn’t feel too bad, breath was mostly under control, wasn’t too tired. But then about 3-5min later I really began to feel it. And then, when I needed to go upstairs to get a bluetooth headset for my phone, I had to literally crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees. Needless to say I’m not ready to start running at any level yet.

I should also note that today is Kelly’s birthday, and not only did I get her a full fledged quarantine for her birthday, but she’s also been noticing a persistent shortness of breath herself. I don’t want to sound the alarm too early, but I think I might be in real trouble of breaking my streak of 10 straight years winning “World’s Greatest Husband.”

Anyways I’ll keep everybody posted as to how she is feeling as well. Not to sound too excited about Kelly getting sick, but that would tend to point more towards a virus than something structural with any of my organs. That does help with some of my fears.

Which brings me to my mental state. I think most of terror that I had felt these last couple days are probably not directly related to the symptoms I’m experiencing myself but rather the danger that this virus (or some weird abnormality with my heart) could pose and the possibilities they could unleash. Never did I ever really think with the logical side of my brain that this wasn’t most likely a mild case of COVID-19. But when you read stories and articles (even when trying like mad to avoid them to avoid scaring yourself) about healthy 30-something athletes that nearly die while on a ventilator, it hits and hits hard. I think that’s probably been the worst part about this whole experience so far, knowing that if just a couple random genes in my DNA were flipped differently, I might not even be able to sit at my computer and write this.

Anyways, I hope everybody following this takes care of themselves, and if/when you get it, it’s a mild case that simply inconveniences you, because most likely that’s how it will go.

Oh, and finally a shout out to my good friend Dr. Robert Molt who noted an error when I was doing odds calculations way back when. I see where I went wrong. Probability can get strange and weird at times, and if you’re not careful you can make some pretty silly mistakes. (Google the “Monty Hall Problem.”)

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