June 17th 2020 – The Gift

Pretty sure Kelly’s got it.

Some of her symptoms have gotten a bit worse with a couple new ones as well. She’s still overall probably in a bit better shape than me, and I’m getting better, but still, our trajectories are opposite. Yesterday I went over 8k steps (and paid the price in fatigue for it today) and today I’ll be a bit over 6k again.

I also got my echo cardiogram done today. The doctor was supposed to look at it today yet and I can expect a call in the next day or two. (They probably would have called me quickly if there was something obviously wrong.)

Anyways I guess as I transition into recovery from whatever I had, I’m also going to be transitioning into caretaker mode for Kelly and trade off with her for that. I’ve read stories of people taking many weeks to get over the most serious symptoms of COVID, and if that’s indeed what I had, then I’m very grateful I’m not in the middle of it when my wife started to come down. But it makes you wonder about the families that I’m sure are all battling it at the same time and how they manage. My heart goes out to all of them.

Anyways hopefully the results of my test don’t show anything, and hopefully whatever Kelly’s going through is also mild, but I’ll keep making sure to at least write-up a daily update. If nothing else this is a good journaling exercise for me.

Be well.

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