June 18th 2020 – The Swap

I think today Kelly and I have official swapped and I might be feeling better than her. I still get pretty tired after work and a decent walk will take my breath away, but Kelly’s symptoms seem to be getting worse.

She’s been describing her shortness of breath like a burning. It’s like she has a bunch of Habenero peppers in her lungs especially when we go for a walk. But overall she’s still very functional and hopefully things don’t get too much worse.

Overall though we are both in pretty decent shape and the biggest hardship is that we are quarantined. Instacart and the generosity of neighbors/friends to pick things up for us as we need it are greatly appreciated, but this feeling of being locked down is way exaggerated from how things felt when we were just living under the stay-at-home orders. Maybe it’s that we know that other people are seeing their fellow human beings, or knowing that we can’t run to the grocery store if we’re out of something, but it certainly is different.

Nevertheless we will continue on, and hopefully our experience will continue to be typical with no more scares or trips to the hospital.

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