June 19th 2020 – Sorry for being so late

Sorry for this late being so late. I know a couple of you have said to me that you check this site quite regularly for updates to see that we are doing well, and I’ll try to keep doing one every day, but probably before I go to sleep so that there is a full recap of the day, and if it becomes more regular, it will keep some people from refreshing more than they have to.

Anyways, for today’s update, I’m going to probably give the last in-depth update on my status as I am still on an upward trajectory and I might even consider myself “recovered.” The main reason I do so is because today felt great. Not just compared to how I have been feeling, but overall great. I had energy, my head didn’t feel clouded, and I even caught myself bounding UP the stairs a couple times throughout the day because I had so much energy, and just a normal deep breath after doing something like that.

I also got in 7k steps walking again today, but the hills that had really crushed me over the past 2 weeks on our walks were no problem. Sure I had the occasional deep breath here and there, but from what I understand, getting back to full fitness is going to be a pretty long road. But on that note I also got on my bike trainer again. While yesterday was 5min at around 54W, today I went 7min but held around 120W and had plenty of energy to keep going, though I have decided to play it conservatively until I get my echo results back officially, which should be Monday afternoon. (And for those unfamiliar with bike power, just 2 weeks ago I would have been able to hold 340W for around an hour.)

But now onto Kelly. Once again today was tougher for her than the last as her breathing has become more difficult. She seems to have more energy than I did, and has told me that if she wasn’t out of breath all the time she would probably still be doing her normal routine. So because of that she has spent more time resting with a little longer afternoon nap than normal. But she still has gone on all the walks with me, though I seem to be the fresher one of the two of us by the end. Her breathing too only becomes really labored around 10-15min after we get back which is odd, though I too seemed to have a delayed onset, just not quite as long. As part of the labored breathing too she is also experiencing some of the brain fogginess that I dealt with as well, but she still seems pretty sharp to me.

She seems to be handling things really well from a mental standpoint though which is great. I think I might be more worried for her than she is, and she’s doing a great job taking things moment by moment and not paralyzing herself by trying to analyze all the possible futures that stand in front of her. This is where I thought that she would have really struggled, but I think the last couple years where she worked VERY (And I mean she probably spent as much time and effort as I did training for triathlons!) hard strengthening herself mentally has paid off. I really couldn’t be prouder of her.

For those that don’t know, a couple years ago she was struggling with anxiety, and after some marked improvements we took a trip to Las Vegas to both celebrate and put her new skills to the test. It was there we found ourselves across the street from the concert where 58 people were murdered in an evening that haunts us both. Needless to say we left there permanently changed and wondering just how big a setback that was going to be.

So fast forward now two and a half years and while this virus can feel very frightening, she is not letting her own version of “Kermit” get the best of her. She knows how to deal with it, she’s been incredibly cool under pressure both with me and herself, and is keeping a level head. The changes she has made in the last 3 years are nothing short of heroic in my opinion and I see now that one of us has heaps upon heaps of mental toughness, and it’s not me. It’s Kelly.

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